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Building Information Modeling (BIM) – The New Generation of Design

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the creation of parametric, or intelligent, 3D models instead of 2D perspective ‘un-intelligent’ drawings. A BIM operates on a digital database and any change made to this database is reflected throughout the entire drawing. This allows everyone involved in the building lifecycle – architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and building owners - to sync together allowing them to view the model in different ways and seamlessly share information. We use ArchiCAD & ADT to create BIM. BIM’s produce construction documents that resemble those created by 2D CAD Drafting, but are done much faster and contain information about quantities, materials and other data that can be used in both the construction and management of a building. We offer Building Information Modeling services creating parametric, sophisticated, intelligent models that expand communication to all members of the project. The Following Causes of Cost Overruns are Decreased by Utilizing a Well Designed BIM Incomplete drawings, poor pre-planning process, lack of timely decisions made by the owner, excessive change orders.

The many benefits of BIM

BIM’s provide up-to-date and reliable information of the project design, scope, cost information, schedules, energy analysis, structural design, facility management, etc. They take the 2D CAD Drawing & Drafting solutions to the next level by adding the management of relationships between building components, which allows information about the intent of the design to be captured in the beginning of the design process. BIM’s provide data that can be extracted for various uses, including: 2D CAD Documentation 3D CAD Modeling & Visualization Analysis and design verification Quantity Surveys Immediate benefits from using a BIM:

More accurate than 2D drawings Better coordination between all involved parties Lowers costs – such as those incurred during construction, because a BIM is a higher quality set of documents. BIMs also help to decrease construction costs and costs for quantity surveys. Building Information Modeling Management (BIM2) Services AR Digitech offers Building Information Modeling Management (BIM2) services which include the collection, development, management, coordination, and presentation of BIM data to all users in the lifecycle. We offer this service at any phase in the design cycle to any of the key players involved in the building creation. Our models are delivered in the client’s specified format, ensuring coordination and compatibility for all end-users. By partnering with us as your BIM2 source, you will save time and money: No need to spend time or money on costly implementations No need to hire or train staff on new software or new design processes We will take care of the interoperability issues We will ensure that drawings have consistent standards throughout We can work to increase your bottom line by allowing you to focus your time on core business requirements rather than on capital expenditures. AR Digitech has quick turnaround times, quality control procedures. Building Information Modeling BIM2 Process Other Services We Provide Because our BIMs use components (such as walls, doors, and windows) to create a virtual 3D building model – we can extract items such as scheduling information and electronic take-offs, and perform design verifications. Design verification Our Design Verification services consist of the review and input of construction drawings from all of the involved disciplines into a BIM. Based on this input, our system determines geometric conflicts in the construction design. If any clarifications required for construction need to be explored, Our team will do this as well. Utilizing this service reduces errors and omissions in construction drawings. In our experience, approximately 90% of all drawings have some errors or omissions of varying degrees. Our services help to eliminate these errors. Quantity survey Our Quantity Survey services include the “counting” of most product based items in construction drawings. If requested, we can also perform gross square feet quantifications and volume take-off services. With our quality processes in place, we are inherently more accurate than companies that perform take-offs internally. We have even had clients hire us to verify their own work.

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